The Kurdish Museum

Logo-Kurdish Museum-1This unique collection is for be able to establish a Kurdish Exile Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Our collection consist of more than 1000 items of Kurdish handiwork objects. Some Kurdish coins belonging to the Kurdish dynasties up to 1100 years old. Many hundred rare literary works. The exhibition is a major cultural resource for Kurdish students in Sweden and for academics researchers across the Europe/world.

The museum is run by volunteers and by some of the Sara`s Book Club members, by Kurdish writers and intellectuals. Some of them: Firat Ceweri, Board member of Swedish Pen, Pervine Jameel, Founder of Kurdish Bureau For Liasion and Information Brussels, Kurdo Baksi, Author and Social Debater, Ismail Besikci, Author, Sociologist, Dr Susanne Drake, Board Member of Foundation For Kurdish Library and Museum in Stockholm (Our Foundation).

A permanent exhibition hall is under construction and all work for this is run by volunteers.

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Cizre Ulu Camii’nin kapı tokmaklarından biri Danimarka’da sergileniyor.
1960’larda çalınmış.




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